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Amritraj Californian Medical Centre Pvt. Ltd., was incorporated in 1995, with intend to manufacture Orthopaedics Rehabilitation Aids with U. S. Collaboration and quality controlled by American Board Certified Orthotist.

The Company was promoted by:

Mr. R.S. Amritraj
Mrs. Maggie Amritraj
Mr. Anand Amritraj
Mr. Kent Tracy
Mr. Jeff Lawrence Sutherland


Quality Orthopedic Rehabilitation Aids
Our Range Of Products
10" Knee Brace Fig 8 Anklet Wrist Fore Arm & Splint
13" Knee Brace Anklet (E) Cock Up Wrist Splint Elastic
O. P. Knee Brace with Belt Cervical Collar Neoprene Cock Up Wrist Splint Neoprene
Open Patella Knee Brace Cervical Collar Regular Shoulder Immobilizer
O. P. Doughnut Support Extrication Collar Arm Sling Strap
Elastic Knee Cap Magic Belt Neoprene Arm Sling Pouch
Hinged Knee Brace Industrial Back Support Clavicle Strap
Pro Patella With Spiral Spray Lumbar Sacro Belt Deluxe Rib Belt
Ankle Support Lumbar Sacro Belt Porous Elbow Strap Neoprene
Anklet Universal Wrist Wrap Elbow SLeeve Neoprene
Hernia Belt A. E. Stockings Short Taylor's Spinal Back Support
A. E. Stockings Long Post Operative Knee Brace Knee Immobilizer
Dynamic Cock Up Splint    

The Company manufactures and supplies Quality Orthopedic Rehabilitation Aids under the brand-name BodyFit. The main materials are imported to manufacture these quality products. Every injury and recovery needs a different level of flexibility and support. The wide array of BodyFit products gives you the versatility you need from a high quality piece of medical equipment. Depending on the level of defense needed ,you may choose from our wide range of products. We are continually looking forward to expanding our product line to serve you better.