Oh! My aching back! The cry is universal. All human beings can expect to suffer from back pain at least once in a lifetime. Prevention is better than cure. For the first time in India we are presenting to the industrial worker a comprehensive back protection programme, while the industrial worker is the person mostly at risk, all people who require to bend often and even the occasional lifter requires learning proper lifting techniques and also learn to use the BODY FIT INDUSTRIAL BACK SUPPORT. The device is different from the commonly available lumbo-sacral supports. The device is lightweight and is designed to hang loosely by way of suspenders from the shoulders. This enables the user to use the device only when he lifts, this will ensure excellent compliance, as many people hate to wear a support all the time. Also the lifter mentally prepares himself every time he lifts and this will help to prevent back injuries. This approach is a must for all industries and will help improve productivity.


  1. Loosen the elastic straps on both sides of BODYFIT INDUSTRIAL BACK SUPPORT place arms through Shoulder straps and allow the belt to hang loosely.
  2. Place the belt approximately 2” below your navel and secure firmly around the low back area. Overlap the Velcro straps in front.
  3. Adjust suspenders for comfort.
  4. Before participating in lifting activity grasp with each hand the ends of the other support bands on either Side of the belt. Pull forwards, secure on belt.

Neoprene for better comfort

Available in Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large